It’s official. Although it may be obvious to anyone that’s been following recently, I just don’t have time to run multiple blogs any more. I also don’t have the money to pay to host a site that’s not being used or making me any money through the AdSense adverts on it (there are some to the right of this post, hint hint), so in the next couple of days, I’ll be pulling the plug on it.

I’m planning on finding some free hosting that will give me the mod_rewrite access I need to 301 redirect all the articles here, copying them over and posting them in a category that’s relevant to the content. What that means for you if you’re a reader of that site is that the articles will still be available, they’ll just be on this site and I won’t get hit with any duplicate content penalties. If anything, it might help this site by giving it even more high-quality, original content.

I suppose there’s a lesson here – take time into consideration before you start a project and make sure you have a long term plan. I did neither of these with Makesenseofthis – I set it up as an SEO experiment and to teach myself WordPress and once both goals were achieved and time started getting tighter, it lay fallow.

So yeah, don’t start something you don’t have time to keep up with and make sure you’ve got a plan; that’s my lesson for the week. Now I’m going to go and buy some more domains. Hope your Sunday is going well.