Which Marvel Character Has Been In The Most Crossover Events?

Comics are awesome. If you know me, you’ll know they’re one of my favourite things; Marvel, DC, Image, self-published, it doesn’t matter. If it’s good, I’ll read it, although thanks to the excellent Marvel Unlimited service, most of what I read comes from them. Marvel Unlimited, my shiny Android tablet and my trusty iPod Classic get me through even the most challenging of commutes.

Having binged an awful lot of their crossover events over the last couple of years, I recently got to wondering which character had been in the most of them and, thanks to the brilliant Marvel API, R and a little patience, I’ve managed to find not just this answer, but a couple of other interesting ones too.

I had so much fun doing this that there may well be a few follow-up posts using the API, but today, I’m going to stick to the question that spurred this post: Which Marvel character has been in the most crossover events?

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