I’ve probably been a little quieter than I’d like to be over the last few days. This is mostly down to things that I am unwilling and not at liberty to discuss, so we’ll leave it at that.

So what else has gone on? Well, I got paid for starters. That usually means new toys for me, but with Christmas coming up, I’ve limited myself to a new Xbox game and a new domain. I am now the proud owner of ben-johnston.co.uk and once I figure out how to move 123-reg domains to Clook hosting, this blog will move over there and I can run much more of an SEO experiment with it.

Aside from that, we’ve had the glorious English snow fall to deal with. In all honesty, should a major town grind to a halt over a bit of snow? I’d argue not, but what do I know? All I know is that snow is crap and I hate that it makes me late for work. Check my Tumblr for some pictures.

The Big Lick, Colchester’s leading rock, metal and alternative club night is on this weekend. I’m reskinning and updating the site soon so keep an eye on it and swing by the Sky Rooms if you’re around.

I’m blogging from my phone when I should be sleeping again, so I hope you won’t judge me badly if I cut this one a little short. Adieu, internets. Tomorrow I shall be making you make my clients money but now I think you’ve got enough of my html graffiti.