We can probably file this one under “The World is a Strange Place”. A new startup company in Amsterdam have begun offering Tweet rings – your favourite 140 character message engraved into silver, steel or titanium which you can wear around your finger forever.

As weird as this idea sounds, it’s not the strangest thing I’ve ever heard – in my time on the internet, I’ve seen a lot of bonkers ways to try and bring the online world out from behind the screen. Meme t-shirts, companies named after buzzwords, online jargon somehow turning up in business proposals, “marketing” companies who won’t reply to your emails – you name it, it’s probably happened. At least these rings look like they’re well-constructed and aren’t quite as niche as a t-shirt with an illiterate cat on it, but there is one particular area which could well lead to Tweet Rings becoming just as limited in their appeal.

Anyone who’s spent a fair bit of time on Twitter will be very aware of the signal-to-noise ratio which can plague the microblogging phenomenon and may simply struggle to find any of their posts which they would want to wear on their finger. Indeed, looking through my most recent series of Twitter posts (you’ll find them in the sidebar of this very site, but if you’d like to read more of my babble it’s twitter.com/2ftfromfreedom), I can’t think of anything that’s worth immortalising, it’s largely a series of “here’s what I wrote, here’s what I’m listening to”, some industry-related retweets and bagging on my friends. Some of the posts are funny, some of them are informative, some of them are even poignant, but I just can’t think of anything I’d want to save, let alone wear.

Of course, that’s just my perspective. Social media clothing’s an exploding market and there’s always the possibility that people who use Twitter for different reasons than I do might find something truly worth saving. Perhaps they asked their spouse to marry them via social media or something similar. It’s something I can see myself ever investing in, unless I suddenly decide that “Cornish pasties – the food of the gods” is something that I need around my ring finger for the rest of my life.

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