Aren't You The Drummer From Biffy Clyro?

Aren't You The Drummer From Biffy Clyro?

Sorry, no. I’m not that Ben Johnston. I don’t play drums for a Scottish pop-punk band and I’m not a rugby player either. I’m a data geek and digital marketer from Colchester, Essex in the UK. I hope that’s not too disappointing. Welcome to my blog.

I’m currently the Data & Analytics Lead for a UK-based, creative business services agency. I made the switch into data science from heading up digital marketing teams at high-performing agencies and I’ve also worked as a technician in a microbiology lab, a copywriter, a social media consultant and an account manager. I like to think that this background and my current focus gives me a unique way of helping people understand their data and use it to make actionable, important changes in their marketing, their organisation and almost anything else.

I’m hugely passionate about what I do and I’m always trying to find new ways help people understand their audiences, whether that’s through CRM analysis, website analytics, predictive modelling, demographic analytics, email or text analysis.

Your data always has a story to tell; it’s my job to help you understand and learn from that story. That’s largely what this blog’s about – bringing real data science techniques to marketing channels, finding ways to make more informed decisions and helping you make your reporting more efficient. Along the way, I’ll be sharing examples of things that can be done and who knows? I may even share a few R, VBA or Python examples to help you get started quicker.

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Outside of work, I read far too many comics, play PlayStation, listen to lots of alternative music – mostly industrial, IDM, goth, metal and witch house – and try to convince myself that the 6000 words I’ve been tweaking for the last few years is a serious attempt at writing a book.

I’ve got plenty of plans for things to do on this site, and lots of ideas for fresh content here, most of which you’ll be able to apply to your own campaigns – I’m all about actionable tips, after all.

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If you’d like to understand your data’s story, you want help with a specific data challenge, or you’re trying to figure out exactly what a CRM is for, drop me a line using the form below. I’ll be happy to chat.