I know I haven’t written here for a while, so if you’d forgotten you’d signed up for my email list, I’m sorry for the reminder. There’s been a lot going on, not least the change in focus of my career.

Without boring you with the details, I decided to focus on the data side of the job much more, which led to me moving into “proper” data analysis. I’ve taken a bunch of courses, worked with a mentor thanks to work, learned to use R, VBA and a bit of Python and I’m doing a lot of “proper” data work, like forecasting, attribution, optimisation, predictive modelling and, quite honestly, many of the things that I feel we miss as marketers when doing our reports and proposals and, in many cases, running our campaigns effectively.

So that’s what the direction of this blog will be in the future: data analysis and acquisition, using data properly for marketing channels, using valuable reporting metrics and ways that we can streamline our reporting methodology. Hopefully you’ll still find that interesting.

That’s not to say that I won’t still be covering stuff to do with SEO, PPC, CRO, email and Google Analytics. Data is a huge part of that and I’m sure I’ll be writing about ways to bring real data science techniques to those channels, particularly email marketing. You never really leave that, after all. We’ll see. I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to write about in the future, although I have promised myself that I’ll be writing here more regularly.

So there we are: a new design for the site using the Genesis Framework (it’s not quite finished yet), a new direction for the content (although I’m not completely certain how that’s going to go) and a new dedication to writing here. I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

If you’re interested in that or you’d just like to see where I’m going to take this in the future, sign up for my free mailing list. There’s no spam and no sales pitches, just updates of when I write stuff here or on other sites.

Thanks for reading. Come back soon.

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